Office of Integrated Medical Education

Excellence in Community-Based Teaching Awards

Acknowledging the significant contribution of an increasing number of community-based teachers to the learning of medical students and residents at the University of Toronto, the Faculty of Medicine (via the Office of Integrated Medical Education) has created three new awards to recognize excellence in community-based teaching. The awards carry a [gross] cash value of $1,000 each and will be presented at the Faculty of Medicine Annual Education Achievement Celebration.


1. Excellence in Community-Based Teaching (Community Hospital)
This award recognizes excellence in teaching at a Community Hospital.

2. Excellence in Community-Based Teaching (Clinic/Office/Practice)
This award recognizes excellence in teaching at a community-based physician office/clinic.

3. Sustained Excellence in Community-Based Teaching
This award recognizes sustained (normally 10 years) excellence in community-based teaching, and may include mentorship, the integration of scholarship in teaching, interprofessional collaboration, etc.


The awards are open to MDs who are clinical teachers of medical students or residents within the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine, and who teach and practice primarily in the community environment, including the UofT’s Community Affiliates or community-based office/clinic setting not associated with Full Affiliates of the Faculty of Medicine. Candidates for these awards must have the support of at least one learner, and either their Department Chair or Hospital Chief. Self-nominations will not be accepted.


Evidence that a nominee meets the awards criteria are to include letters of support detailing specific ways in which the nominee meets the criteria; a summary of relevant evaluations of teaching scores; the nominee’s teaching dossier; and other evidence as appropriate in support of the nomination.


The following criteria will be considered in reviewing each nominee:

  1. Demonstrated ability to stimulate learners:
    • encourages interest in and enthusiasm for subject
    • displays good rapport with learners
    • leads learner to think critically, analytically and independently, encourages learners to organize their own learning
  2. Innovative and creative teaching methods
  3. Contributions as a suitable role model
  4. Evidence of mentorship

Nomination Process:

Nomination Package to include:

  • Online nomination form (CLICK HERE). Please be prepared to describe how the nominee meets the criteria for the award
  • Letter(s) of support from medical learner(s) or Chief/Chair. Letters of support should be sent directly to Lindsey Fechtig (email below) with signatures included. 3 letters maximum (1-2 pages each)
  • Updated, full Curriculum Vitae
  • If applicable, other supporting documents or evidence may be included (e.g., teaching effectiveness scores, unsolicited letters of support, teaching dossier, etc.)
  • To obtain the complete terms of reference CLICK HERE

Nomination Deadlines:

Step 1: The primary nominator will complete and submit the online nomination form by Friday, February 6, 2015 and inform the nominee of the nomination.

Step 2: The nominator and nominee will be jointly responsible to ensure that required documentation is submitted by February 15, 2015.

Nomination Forms and documentation should be emailed or faxed to:

Lindsey Fechtig, Project and Administrative Manager
Office of the Vice-Deans, Education
Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
Phone: (416) 946-8067 | Fax: (416) 946-5963

Nominees may only receive each award once in any five-year period.

Selection Process:

Nominees' files will be reviewed and winners selected by the Adjudication Committee. The Adjudication will be appointed by the Deputy Dean and will include physician leaders and learners from the community-based teaching sites. One committee will be convened for all three of the above-noted awards.

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