Academic Promotions

Academic promotions can seem quite daunting! However, we have prepared a ToolKit to for our community-based faculty to help outline the process and key steps (click here to open the kit). Here is a list of information you may find helpful: promotion

Whom should I contact if I am interested in learning more about promotions?

There are a variety of resources you may wish to tap into. As a starting point, we have developed a ToolKit for our community-based faculty members who would like to start by learning more about academic promotions. Alternatively, you may wish to speak with your departmental Chair or Business Manager instead(click here for links to contacts).

Many departments have developed algorithms or charts demonstrating the key steps and relevant dates involved in the academic promotions process. In general, the academic promotions process starts between May and June of each year, and concludes in July of the next year.

In addition, you may wish to visit the Clinical Affairs website for links to:

  • The Academic Promotions Manual (note: This manual is focused on promotions from Assistant to Associate Professor, or Associate Professor to Full Professor)
  • Guidelines for Promotion from Lecturer to Assistant Professor
  • Templates for CVs, Teaching Dossiers, Creative Professional Activity Dossier, and other key forms.

What are the key steps involved?  

The following algorithm is, however, designed to help our preceptors navigate through the various steps that must be undertaken; it also show the approximate timelines for this process. Please note: The timelines may vary within each clinical department. Please click here for a link to your departmental contact.

Templates, Forms and Help 

A wide variety of templates and forms are available to assist you in the promotions process. Links to these forms can be found on the Clinical Affairs website or through your respective clinical academic department. You may also access the templates, forms, checklists and resources that are available through your academic department's Business Manager or Chair.

To support your Teaching Dossier, your Teaching Effectiveness Scores (TES) are of great assistance. Your TES can also be obtained through your academic department.