academic appointmentsThe Office of Integrated Medical Education is responsible for facilitating the appointment of new faculty preceptors through the respective clinical academic departments and hospitals; the payment of preceptors in the community-based sites; and implementation of the respective accountability frameworks with the various stakeholders. Our goal is to align the clinical academic department programs with the mission and vision of the Faculty of Medicine, while enabling our community-based faculty to benefit from the resources, academic excellence and innovation of the University.

In Toronto, there has also been an unprecedented increase in numbers of distributed learning sites (growing from 11 U of T community affiliates in 2006 to 20 by 2011) and integration of learning, especially so due to the creation of the new Mississauga Academy of Medicine. As a result, there has also been a significant increase in the number of new faculty appointments at the University of Toronto. Indeed, the number of medical learner days across the Community Affiliates from UofT medical programs is substantial and contributes in a major way to relevant training across the continuum of quaternary and community sites whilst providing high standards of patient and health services delivery.

Indeed, IME is a collaborative endeavor engaging all UofT affiliated teaching sites to deliver a broad range of experiences in accredited settings that are reflective of the potential practice locations of our learners. Valuing the education of our learners is an investment in the future of healthcare and valuing the contributions of our faculty, who teach at all clinical sites, is an integral part of this investment. By fully recognizing and respecting the teaching and learning cultures of all affiliated sites, we are investing in our teachers, our learners, and our communities.