What is IME?

Integrated Medical Education is awhat_is_IME collaborative endeavour engaging all University of Toronto affiliated teaching sites to deliver a broad range of experiences in settings that are reflective of the potential practice locations of our learners, and maintain the highest level of excellence for accreditation. Academic leaders in the Faculty of Medicine view this approach as a critical success factor for the education and training of our learners that will ultimately benefit our patients and society. 

Valuing the education of our learners is an investment in the future of healthcare. Valuing the contributions of our faculty who teach at all clinical sites is a necessary part of this investment. By fully recognizing and respecting the teaching and learning cultures of all affiliated sites, we are investing in our teachers, our learners, and our communities.   IME at the University of Toronto requires that all of our partners adopt a learner-centred approach that truly values the education of all learners across the continuum of medical education. This principle is enabled by our clinical academic departments who will engage in building respectful and effective relationships with all of our faculty members and look for new and innovative ways to implement new educational models and curricula. Indeed, IME depends on new ways of presenting the curriculum using educational technologies. Integrated Medical Education requires:
  • A pan-departmental approach to the development and implementation of the curriculum;
  • The continuum of medical education from undergraduate to postgraduate to continuing education and professional development;
  • Learning contexts as defined within the Future of Medical Education in Canada report. 
These three levels of integration are carefully considered as the University of Toronto embraces this transformative process. Indeed, the Faculty of Medicine is committed to remaining at the forefront of educating health care professionals who meet the needs of society and its leadership has agreed to establish a sustainable framework for Integrated Medical Education.