Vision and Mission Statement

visionThe Office of Integrated Medical Education has adopted the vision and mission statement of the Faculty of Medicine:

Vision: International leadership in health research and education

Mission: We prepare future health leaders, contribute to our communities, and improve the health of individuals and populations through discovery, application and communication of knowledge.


Our values reflect those that have been adopted by the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. As such, they include:

  • Integrity in all of our endeavours;
  • Commitment to innovation and excellence;
  • Life-long learning and critical inquiry;
  • Promotion of social justice, equity, diversity and professionalism;
  • Effective partnerships with all of our stakeholders;
  • Multi-professional and interdisciplinary collaboration;
  • Supportive and respectful relationships;
  • Accountability and transparency within our academic communities and with the public; and,
  • Responsiveness to our local, national, and international health care needs.

Our Social Responsibility

UT STUDENTSMedicine at U of T is committed to fulfilling our social responsibility to benefit society at large through excellence, integrity, and innovation in our research, education and work in the health sciences.