Resident for a Day at St. Joseph's Health Centre

SJHC Resident for a Day_2

The Department of Medical Education at St. Joseph’s Health Centre organized a “Resident for a Day” event on April 10th 2014. The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health of Canada, came to St. Joe’s and became a surgical resident. Minister Ambrose was given a quick orientation and overview of medical education at St. Joe’s and at the University of Toronto.

Minister Ambrose rounded on various different types of surgical patients with the general surgery residents. She observed many different surgeries and saw first-hand the education that medical trainees receive in the operating room. The Minister was paged with the residents to the Emergency Department to consult on a possible surgical patient; she witnessed and took part in the discussion surrounding patient care and the journey of a patient through the health care system. Minister Ambrose took the opportunity to speak to medical students, residents, physicians, and University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine leadership on medical education, health human resources and the role of residents in providing front line care to Canadians.

The day in the life event was organized to display to the Minister the important role a community hospital like St. Joe’s has in medical education and in the preparation of future health leaders.

Minister Ambrose thoroughly enjoyed her time as a resident and left with a clearer understanding of what it takes to survive and thrive in residency.

To view a video of the visit, please click on the following St. Joseph's Health Centre link:

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