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"PGCorEd™online interactive curriculum answers the need for a sustainable model for the learning and teaching of Medical Residents Across Diverse Training Programs"

The Postgraduate Medical Education Office (PGME) Postgraduate Core Education – called PGCorEd™ was implemented in 2008 as a required foundational curriculum for all 1st and 2nd year resident physicians. This new curriculum was accelerated by new accreditation standards for residency training programs by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2006.

PGCorEd™ modules are web-based and interactive in nature, integrating several simulation approaches to learning and evaluation, including: video for role model simulations, video narratives, content interactivity techniques, and electronic key feature case assessments.

The challenges with this project include determining how to impart skills in the core competencies outlined in the CanMEDS Framework (Frank, 2006) while also attempting to accommodate a set of adult learners with busy clinical schedules, familial, and other responsibilities. Another challenge was presented when trying to determine how curricula could be delivered to a learner base that was dispersed and stratified across large urban and suburban areas involving multiple institutions with 73 different specialty and subspecialty medical training programs, each with its own milieu and training requirements.

In addition to video simulation, PGCorEd™ utilized content interactivity techniques to enhance learner engagement.  Features such as “drag and drop” matching games, interactive animations and reflective quizzing has helped to translate large amounts of content into smaller, more digestible packets on information. To ensure that developers are kept abreast of the latest interactivity techniques, there is ongoing investigation of new and emerging techniques that are deemed appropriate for this learning environment. Figure 1 below is a screenshot of a module unit.

Figure 2:screen shot of a module unit with interactivityPGCorEd2010 Award for Excellence in Innovation
In 2010 PGCorEd was awarded an
 Excellence through Innovation Award

The awards recognize significant contributions towards one or more of the following strategic objectives:

1. Enrich the Student Experience
2. Support Outstanding Scholarship 
3. Achieve Equity and Diversity in All of Our Activities
4. Improve the Employee Experience by Becoming an Employer of Choice
5. Create a World-Class Infrastructure through Administrative Innovation 

PGCorEd™ has had some early success at teaching the foundational humanistic competencies for postgraduate medical residents. The careful design and attention to the needs and context of the learners and teachers has informed every step of the development process.

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 Tamara Jayne Bahr MScCH Manager, Instructional Design Phone: 416-978-7587
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Dr. Susan Glover Takahashi. PhD

Director, Education & Research

Postgraduate Medical Education
 E-Mail: sglover.takahashi@utoronto.ca
 Salvatore M. Spadafora MD, FRCPC, MHPE Vice Dean, Postgraduate Medical Education
University of Toronto