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Total Learner Days at our Community Sites


Since the inception of funds to support community preceptors, over 231,000 learner days have been funded between April 1, 2011 and March 31, 2013 through the community-preceptor funding program. In our first year of operations (fiscal year 2011-2012), the total number of learner days in the community sites was almost 107,000, with overall growth of 16% to over 124,000 learner days in only our second year of operation (fiscal year 2012-2013). 
Total Learner Days by Fiscal Year
3 Year Comparison of Total Learner Days by Quarter
IME Funded Learner Days
YTD Growth in IME Funded Learner Days
Distribution of Learner Days by Teaching Site
Learner Day Volume by Community Site
 Distribution of Learner Days by Clinical